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dc.creatorMentinis, Mihalis
dc.description.abstractA common rhetoric of the intellectuals of the State in Greece is that what impedes the economic ‘development’ of the country is the deficient and insufficiently developed selfhood of its people. Amidst the so called ‘Greek crisis’, namely the pressing and intensified demands on the part of the elites for the deepening of the neoliberalisation of the country and the imposition of an entrepreneurial ethic, the reconfiguration of the Greek psyche has become an imperative. Psychology and generic psychotherapy have shown a striking rapidness in tuning themselves to the spirit of the times echoing its underlying logic, and promoting social atomisation and social selection based on personal skills and capabilities. In the current article, I explore the discursive affinities between the entrepreneurial ethic and the spirit of psychotherapy within the context of the ‘Greek crisis’. I develop my argument on the resonance of the two, along three, albeit intersecting and often overlapping, dominant social logics: the importance to develop one’s creativity, the need to adapt and build one’s personal defenses against the hostile outside and the understanding of the crisis as an opportunity for personal betterment, development and rediscovery of the meaning of life. It is my argument that more than ever in this country, generic psychotherapy is totally deprived of a language of its own and parrots unashamedly the language of entrepreneurial neoliberalism, showing both its theoretical and practical destitution, as well as its undisputable role as a State and corporate technology of control.
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dc.titleThe entrepreneurial ethic and the spirit of psychotherapy: Depoliticisation, atomisation and social selection in the therapeutic culture of the crisis
dc.title.journalEuropean Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

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