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dc.contributor.advisorLove, Jenny
dc.creatorRivas Zeballos, Ignacio Andres
dc.description.abstractTime-of-Use tariffs (ToUT) can help to reduce peak demand by changing consumers’ behaviour. There is a growing interest in finding those characteristics that make households respond well to ToUT. Previous studies have suggested that those who exhibit variable patterns may be more capable of response while consumers with little variability may not respond well. However, previous work has not evaluated whether the way variability is defined impacts the correlation between consumers’ variability patterns and their response. This dissertation studied several metrics to quantify households’ demand fluctuations and clustered consumers by their variability to answer the research question: What is the effect of day-to-day variability in households’ daily electricity use patterns on their response to ToUT? This dissertation did not find a significant correlation between households’ response and their consumption variability. Moreover, the results show that the correlation is weak and very sensitive to the way variability is defined. The identification of well-separated groups using variability (as measured in this dissertation) is challenging, and the clustering techniques produce poor quality segmentation. Consequently, using clustered data to assess the correlation between households’ variability patterns and their response can be misleading, since the results show that the correlation can change dramatically across different variability metrics and number of clusters.es_CL
dc.relationinstname: Conicyt
dc.relationreponame: Repositorio Digital RI2.0
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Chile*
dc.title“What is the effect of day-to-day variability in households’ daily electricity use patterns on their response to Time-of-Use tariffs?”es_CL
dc.contributor.institutionUNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDONes_CL
dc.identifier.folio73180528es_CL Unidoes_CL
dc.subject.oecd1nIngeniería y Tecnologíaes_CL
dc.subject.oecd2nIngeniería Eléctrica, Ingeniería Electrónica, Informáticaes_CL
dc.subject.oecd3nIngeniería Eléctrica y Electrónicaes_CL

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